‘I like to knock down houses’: Corinth kindergarteners share their career aspirations


It was Career Day for Corinth Elementary kindergarteners on Friday, so we thought we’d check in with the children who are our future to find out where they see themselves in 30 years, and why.

Here we go…

Chase, astronaut: “You get to walk on the moon and you get to go in rocket shops and also you can float.”


Ryder, construction worker: “I want to ride in the trucks. And I like to knock down houses.”


Augie, football player: “I like running.”


Max (left) and Nicholas, police officers: “We get to handcuff people and put them in jail!” said Max. “We get to wear badges and stuff,” added Nicholas.


Aisley and Eden, doctors: “Because they help people,” said Aisley. “Yeah, I want to help people,” added Eden.


Claire, Blake and Ashley, ballerinas. “I want to be a prima ballerina because I want to dance on stage,” said Claire. “Me too,” said Blake. “I want to dance,” added Ashley.