For Roeland Park officers, good deeds just keep on giving

Sometimes good deeds just keep on giving. The Roeland Park Police Department will have more chances to help out people down on their luck thanks to officers’ past efforts.

The gift cards will be used in emergency situations.
The gift cards will be used in emergency situations.

Kathy Collins, who works for H&R Block and lives in Prairie Village, saw stories about the Roeland Park officers who had taken extra steps to help those who were having a hard time. She arranged for the company to donate 22 gift cards to the department that officers can use “to give to people most in need when (the officers) feel it’s the right thing to do.”

“I was pulled in by the story a few weeks back,” Collins wrote, “regarding the officer who assisted the man he found sleeping on the park bench (he drove him to work, got him a bike, and brought in a duffle bag to replace his broken suitcase). I knew we had to do something – we are a Kansas City company who believes in “doing the right thing.” Clearly, these officers live those values as well, and find ways to help people in their community. I spoke with my boss (our CEO, Bill Cobb), who agreed and gave me license to come up with an idea. This was something that could help these officers help “their people.” It just felt right!”

Roeland Park Police Chief John Morris said the cards could be used in lots of different situations that officers run across, but will be giving them to people with “emergency needs.”

Collins told Morris that she was impressed by the goodness of the officers the first time she heard about them, but was “floored” the second time.