Baked Expressions brings creative wedding cake business to Mission’s Johnson Drive

Renea Feagin of Baked Expressions on Johnson Drive.
Renea Feagin of Baked Expressions on Johnson Drive.

One of the newest businesses to open its doors along Mission’s Johnson Drive has a very specific specialty and does its business by appointment.

Renea Feagin is the owner of Baked Expressions, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in business but has just moved to 5832 Johnson Drive from its old location in KCK. Custom wedding cakes is Baked Expression’s specialty. Feagin will do other specialty cakes and desserts, but wedding cakes is what the business is about. “People are more likely to splurge on wedding cake,” she said.

“I love to cook and bake,” Feagin said, “and I found myself drawn to the elegance (of wedding cakes).” What was a side hobby after she took a class eight years ago, became a business when she was laid off at Sprint. Feagin had a 23-year career in telecommunications and moved to Kansas City from Ohio with her Sprint job 18 years ago.

Her business has now grown to the point where she gets booked months in advance for her award-winning cakes. Because she limits the number of cakes she will do each week, brides book with her six to 12 months in advance. She already has 20 weddings booked for 2016, stretching into November. “I pay attention to my brides, so I keep my wedding total low,” Feagin said.

“Most brides know what they want,” she said, but many will taste four to six flavors and about 13 fillings when they come in. “I love to give people options.” The most popular right now is apple cake with caramel buttercream. Each tier of the large cakes can be a different cake flavor. “I’m here to put their vision into cake.”

The custom designed cakes can run from $5 per serving for a basic buttercream up to $10 per serving for a more complex cake.

Feagin said she is a living witness that we all have talents that we haven’t tapped into yet. “It’s been a journey of faith,” she says of her leap into the new business. But since making that leap, she has piled up awards for her cakes, joining the ranks of the top wedding professionals in the metro.

Both the consultation and the baking is done at the Johnson Drive locations, which underwent a complete remodel of the space, including new kitchen equipment.