Weekend Kitchen: Thai it up

Duck_GruruuBy Julia Westhoff

I am generally disappointed when I try to re-create a favorite ethnic restaurant dish. My Pad Thai is never as nuanced as what I can get at The Thai Place. My Chicken Korma is never as creamy as what they serve as Taj Mahal. But occasionally I make a winner and am able to free myself from my dependency of a specific restaurant and specifically high restaurant prices.

This dish, Thai Red Duck Curry, is a winner.

It’s one of my favorite Thai dishes of all time. Fatty duck, sweet pineapple, and cooling Thai basil floating in a perfectly spicy simmering sauce – if it’s on the menu I will always order it. I really, really wanted to learn if I could make it at home.
After much research I found the perfect recipe on Saveur. It was super easy after I obtained the ingredients, most of which I found at the 888 International Market on 119th and 69 Highway. (Side note: 888 International Market is truly a gem – much better than any other Asian market in our area. But bring cash for the deli area – they don’t take cards). The girls were delightfully excited when I showed them the butchered roasted duck, its little head nestled tightly in with the rest of the meat. The roasted duck is delicious on its own, and makes this dish a cinch to prepare.

I can’t recommend this recipe, or the 888 Market, enough. I even contemplated picking up a packing of Green Tea Kit Kats for dessert, but decided that might have to wait for another time…

Here is the link to the wonderful red duck curry recipe!