Yoder takes to House floor to oppose immigration of Syrian refugees


Congressman Kevin Yoder, who represents Johnson County in the U.S. House of Representatives, went to the podium Tuesday morning to deliver a speech condemning President Obama’s plan to allow up to 10,000 refugees of the humanitarian crisis in Syria into the country.

“America and our allies are under attack by Islamic extremism,” Yoder said. “The despicable act of terrorism the world witnessed over the weekend in Paris, France, serves as a stark reminder that the threat posed by ISIS knows no borders.”

Yoder pointed to French officials’ claims that “at least one of the Paris attackers linked to ISIS was admitted to Europe as a refugee from Syria.”

Consequently, Yoder argued, allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. posed a threat to American safety.

“The president’s refugee proposal places the interests of other nations ahead of the safety and security of the American people,” Yoder said. “Because we are unable to verify whether the next attacker is within their midst, we must halt the flow of any refugees into the United States from Syria.”

You can see Yoder’s full statement below: