Spotted in Roeland Park: A high-up hawk and a tufted titmouse


David Mootz spent 25 years working for Roeland Park before moving on to a position with Johnson County Park and Recreation District, but he still calls the northeast Johnson County city home. And as an amateur photographer, he takes advantage of his location near Nall Park.

“Nall Park is teaming with wildlife,” Mootz writes. “One can frequently see deer, hawks, raccoons, bobcats and many other forms of wildlife. There are many dead trees deep in the property which serve the hawks well as look out posts.

Mootz captured the photo of the hawk in flight from his backyard earlier this month. He also passed along this photo of a tufted titmouse:


“[They] can be found from Kansas all the way to the East coast year around,” Mootz said. “They have large black eyes, small bill and crest ontop of their head. They will frequent backyard feeders and are not afraid of any other birds hanging around. When a titmouse grabs a seed it will fly over to a perch and crack by whacking it with its small but stout bill. They are fun to watch.”