Prairie Village skyline gets new addition with installation of Village Presbyterian steeple

Photo courtesy Village Presbyterian Church.
Photo courtesy Village Presbyterian Church.

A familiar sight returned to the Prairie Village skyline Friday as Village Presbyterian church had a new 99-foot steeple installed.

With a crowd of pre-schoolers, church staff and several pedestrians watching, crews from Pearce Construction Company lifted the new steeple into place. The steeple that had been in place atop the church since 1955 was removed in January as work got underway on the 14,000 square foot addition of a Welcome Center.

The new steeple is constructed of prefinished aluminum, which church staff says should allow it to be maintained with less upkeep.

Though the new steeple structure itself is taller than the previous one, the total height from the ground is the same.

You can see a video of the steeple installation process here.