Weekend Kitchen: Using up Halloween candy


By Julia Westhoff

I was out of town for Halloween this year, visiting a friend in Chicago. I had prepared for the holiday by buying a Costco bag of chocolate candy for trick-or-treaters. One hundred fifty pieces, I think it was (probably more like 125 after I had my way with it). I expected to come home and find the bag mostly gone, but the opposite was true. Jay explained he had turned the lights out at 7:15 p.m. to go upstairs and watch the Royals game. The girls were in bed, and that was that for Halloween.

Which leaves me with about 115 pieces of Halloween candy to deal with (not to mention everything the girls had collected, which should last them until 2018).

There are worse problems to have. In fact, two of my favorite cookies involve candy – M&M cookies and Peanut Butter cookies with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The girls and I set to work making the M&M cookies and it turned out to be the perfect project for toddlers – they loved making designs (flowers, stoplights, cars etc…) with the colorful candies on the giant cookies. The recipe is here.

As for the peanut butter cups, this recipe is totally addictive (we make the cookies a little bigger and swap out the chocolate kisses for the cups), and I may even freeze a batch for Christmas plates. If we have extra we will bring them to a weekend bonfire to use on s’mores (in place of the traditional Hershey’s bar).

What are your favorite ways to use up Halloween candy?