An update on the 2015 Support PVPost campaign — and delivery of those great gifts

Northeast Johnson County's top gift deliverers.
Northeast Johnson County’s top gift deliverers.
Stupid Royals delaying the delivery of our shirts...
Stupid Royals delaying the delivery of our shirts… Wait a minute. I can’t stay mad at them!

Dearest readers: We’ve gotten a handful of inquiries about how our Support PVPost campaign came out, so we figured it was probably worth it to put a li’l story up.

First of all: We raised more than $17,000 from more than 300 donors. No, we didn’t hit our initial goal, but these funds are a huge shot in the arm for us as we head into 2016. And, if we haven’t made it clear already, we are IMMENSELY GRATEFUL to those of you who value what we do enough to voluntarily make a contribution. (If you’re among the contingent of people sheepishly saying, “Oops…I meant to give but I never got around to it, the donation site is still up and running for at least a couple more weeks. You can make a contribution now by clicking here, and we can still provide you with the gifts we’re offering).

Second: As you may or may not have heard, the Kansas City Royals of baseball secured the Major League Baseball Commissioner’s Trophy by winning the World Series. When something like this happens, there’s one thing people want above all else: tee shirts. Consequently, the good people at our shirt printer have been pretty overwhelmed these past couple weeks, which has pushed back the delivery date for our super sweet, American Apparel tri-blend shirts. We’re supposed to be able to pick them up today, though, and will be working to get them delivered asap. We’d estimated delivery of the gifts within eight weeks of the donations being made, but had hoped to get them out within six. We should still be able to hit the eight week mark for almost all donors – but if you were among the heroes who made a contribution that first week the campaign was open, we might miss the mark by a few days. Thanks much for your patience and our apologies for the delay.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed. We’re excited to start seeing this swag around town!