First Washington files plans for revamped Hattie’s building at Corinth Square

The refreshed Hattie's building would feature an outdoor patio.
The refreshed Hattie’s building would feature an outdoor patio.

Representatives of First Washington Realty on Tuesday presented plans for the redevelopment of the Hattie’s Coffee building at Corinth Square.

The renovated building would feature a refreshed exterior and a new outdoor patio attached to the coffee shop on the structure’s west side. In addition, the project would include construction of a connecting walkway from the sidewalk along Somerset Drive and a set of bike racks.

The Prairie Village Planning Commission continued consideration of the submission until December after asking the applicant to consider a series of tweaks to the exterior design.

If approved by the commission and then the Prairie Village City Council, the project would be funded in part with proceeds from the Community Improvement District sales tax in effect at the shopping center.