NEJC catches Royals fever with creative displays of support

Breaking news, folks: People. Like. The Royals.

And around the friendly confines of northeast Johnson County, residents are finding unique ways to show their support for KC’s attempt at the crown.

Earlier this month we told you about Amy Young and Mike Adams, who painted the Royals logo on the side of their Nall Avenue Drummond home:


Well, they aren’t the only ones flexing some creative muscle. A homeowner on Somerset Drive just south of Corinth Square has placed a bright Royal-blue bull sculpture in the front yard, affixed a dainty tiara to its head, and dropped a sign evocative of Chic-Fil-A advertising that reads “Eat Mor Mets” in front of it:


(H/T to PV City Administrator Quinn Bennion for the tip).

And, lest we forget, the good people in the Asbury United Methodist continue to rule the medium of church signage with their fresh messaging. Here’s what they had up early Wednesday after the Royals’ marathon win in game one:


Seen any creative displays of Royals boosterism in your ‘hood? We’d love to share it with the community. Email us at