Weekend Kitchen: Cottage cheese pancakes for the win


By Julia Westhoff

We have Royals fever along with every other Kansas Citian, and winning has been on our minds. And you know what’s always a winner? Brinner. That’s right, breakfast for dinner. Brinner is a household favorite over here at shawneemissionpost.com headquarters. And while eggs are usually the main star, this sassy little number is winning hearts and minds as well. Cottage Cheese Pancakes. Superior to regular pancakes for several reasons:

1) High in protein.
2) Require just three ingredients.
3) Recipe super easy to remember.

Lately we have been serving these with bacon, applesauce, and milk. You better believe we eat every bite. It’s the Grand Slam of breakfasts, if you will…

Cottage Cheese Pancakes (serves 4)
2 cups cottage cheese
6 eggs
2/3 cup flour

Combine all ingredients and prepare just like you would regular pancakes. They take a little bit longer and aren’t quite as pretty, but they’ll do the trick.