Mission completing sign inventory as first step toward new enforcement effort

Temporary signs have been a focus of concern in Mission.

Mission is nearly finished with the first step in its process of initiating a sign code enforcement program.

The city council talked about becoming more proactive toward illegal signs – especially temporary ones – this spring. At that time, the council heard from residents concerned that the signs detract from the improvements that Mission has undertaken recently.

As a first step in moving toward the enforcement, the city has completed an inventory of nearly all of the signs in the city that fall under the sign code regulations. A total of 766 signs have been documented in the inventory, which is 95 percent complete.

Of the 766 signs in the inventory, 85 temporary signs were recorded along with 15 on poles. The majority of signs are at businesses with a handful at apartments. Much of the concern has been with temporary signs. Temporary signs are allowed for only 60 days under the ordinance.

The next step for the city is to compare the inventory results to the sign code to determine the types and locations of violations. After that the planning commission and council may look at any possible adjustments to the city code needed before an education and enforcement program begins.

Signs that are placed in the public right-of-way or on publicly-owned land can be removed by the city without notice.