LET’S GO ROY-ALS! Northeast Johnson County baseball boosterism to secure a win today


Okay. So. Last night was….a struggle. And I’m not going to point out that over the past five years, the team that has won game one of a division series has gone on to win the series 15 out of 20 times. BLAHAHEHEHAHAH.

Instead, we’re going to accentuate the positive! And focus on all the really great Royals boosterism going on in northeast Johnson County right now!

Let’s start with the heroic effort of Prairie Village couple Amy Young and Mike Adams, who painted the Royals logo on the side of their (really awesome) Drummond home on Nall just south of 79th Street. See photo above.

Young said she had the idea Wednesday night and Adams was game for it. They shined the image through a projector onto the side of the house and Young traced the outline, which they filled in with powder blue paint.

“It’s funny, when we were painting it, there was this little girl [across the street] on a rope swing, and every time the swing would come up she would see it, and I could hear her say, ‘Dad, look, the Royals!'” Young said.

The gesture got tons of attention on social media and from the press, with newspaper and TV reporters showing up at the house.

“It’s staying up until they lose,” she said. “Hopefully it stays up until the final win.”

Helen Young and son Fritz Adams, 6, outside their Nall Avenue home featuring the Royals logo.
Amy Young and son Fritz Adams, 6, outside their Nall Avenue home featuring the Royals logo.

Just down the street from Young and Adams’ house, the creative folks in the Asbury United Methodist Church office are at it again with a new street sign message showing support for the boys in blue:


“Here is why we chose those three,” wrote the church’s director of communications Eva Hedtke. “Perez is one of the staff’s favorite players. Ventura is lead off pitcher [Thursday], and we wanted him to know that God and Asbury are with him. Zobrist has been on a roll that we want to see continue, and he has shown love to his new home Kansas City. Plus, we haven’t featured any of them on our previous signs. Our excitement about those three (and the Royals) had us considering a sign about the holy trinity, but we went with the wise men instead.”

And finally, I want to give a special shout-out to the unknown hero who took the time to set up a 15-foot tailgating flagpole in the Corinth Hen House parking lot Thursday morning. That’s dedication:


Are you listening, Royals? NEJC wants to see a “W” today. TAKE THE CROWN.