Weekend Kitchen: One-upping the chocolate chip cookie


By Julia Westhoff

These are the days. The girls have been eerily well-behaved. All of my holds have finally come in at the library. And it’s finally cool enough to enjoy being outside. Like clockwork, the dip in temperatures compels me to get out my mixer and put the butter out to soften. It’s pavlovian, my desire to bake chocolate chip cookies as soon as I feel a chill in the air.

And more often than not these days I am turning to this recipe. It’s got all the requirements for an exceptional chocolate chip cookie – the brown butter, the chilling of the dough, the sea salt finish. But it takes it even a step further with the addition of a teaspoon of Nutella in the middle. A tiny little over-the-top present that turns out to be everything you’ve ever wanted.

Go here and make this recipe. There is literally no way you will be disappointed.