Colonial Church members take part in ‘Wall of Love’ countering Westboro protest

Photo via Aaron Roberts of Colonial Church.

Approximately 25 members of Colonial Church in Prairie Village caravaned to Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Mo., Thursday afternoon to take part in a “Wall of Love” countering Westboro Baptist Church’s protest of a transgender student who was named Homecoming Queen.

Pastor Aaorn Roberts said the church organized to get a group of members to participate in the demonstration after they learned of Westboro’s intent.

“One of our members saw the Westboro flier and messaged me on Facebook hoping that there was some kind of plan for a human wall against that hate,” Roberts said. “No child – no person – should have that kind of cruel hate leveled at them, and it’s particularly irksome to me that it is done in the name of ‘church.'”

The “Wall of Love” grew to around 200 people when students from Oak Park joined the group.