The final day of the Support campaign is here. Have you donated?


The Prairie Village Post has experienced tremendous growth over its five-year history. Readership continues at a level we once thought would be impossible to achieve. Advertising is on pace for another year of double digit growth. And we’re always amazed by the tremendous goodwill people have toward the site.

So, why are we asking for donations?

While PVPost is a privately-owned business and not a non-profit, in a way we still consider it owned by the community, for the community. We can continue to run for the foreseeable future just the way it is today — a two man operation. But because the site has become a valued community asset, we’re concerned with its sustainability for the next five years and beyond. That means we need to grow beyond our current “mom and pop” scale.

Putting PVPost on solid ground for the next decade will require an expansion to another site serving a bigger chunk of Johnson County. How does another site help PVPost become sustainable? It strengthens our resources. Another site will require adding staff who can back-stop PVPost when we have staff who are ill or on vacation and deepen the coverage of Johnson County institutions like the school districts and county government. Our cost structure improves with expansion because some of the fixed costs, such as programming, do not increase when we add a second site. (We are committed to not taking on debt, which has been deadly for the newspaper industry).

The funds we’ve raised so far from the donation campaign won’t give us the capital we need to start a new site, but it will be enough to invest in new revenue streams that will move us toward expansion and strengthen PVPost coverage in the near future.

Thanks to the hundreds of you who have contributed to the donation campaign and helped us gather the resources for a long and healthy life for PVPost.

And if you haven’t donated yet, contributions can still be made today. Please join the hundreds who have already stepped up to support local coverage of their community.