Make my tail wag: Donate to Support before the campaign ends tomorrow


Hello. Mariah here, again. I just wanted to thank everyone who sent a donation to last week and mentioned my name after I made my personal appeal.

I’m not sure if I broke the record, but the bosses at PV Post gave it up for me and bought an extra package of my favorite Trader Joe’s chicken wraps for the treat drawer (P.S. to Trader Joe’s: if you are looking for a spokesdog, I’m your girl. I also do product placement on local news sites.)

You have no idea what a kick it was to see my name on those contribution memos. But, after all, I work like, well, a dog here at PVPost.

Unfortunately, the donation campaign is just about over – one more day after today – and I have to go back to the usual chores like checking for the mail lady. No more dictating messages to the PV Post readership (I am banned from typing them – something to do with licking the keyboard.)

But, you can still send a donation by check or charge to help invest in strengthening local news coverage right here at home.

And put a little note in it to me. I do love mail. It’s so crinkly when you shake it in your mouth right before tearing it to shreds.