Son of H&R Block founder compiles wisdom of ‘Oracle of Omaha’ in new book

Robert-BlochWith one of the most famous last names in the accounting world, you might assume that Robert Bloch would consider himself a savvy operator in financial matters.

But at the Great Recession began in the late 2000s, the northeast Johnson County native found himself looking an at investment portfolio that was plummeting and panicked.

“Looking back I did everything wrong-I sold stocks during the bear market,” he said. “I should have stayed invested for the long term and purchased stocks as they became cheaper.”

Bloch, whose father Henry and uncle Richard founded H&R Block, decided he needed to buff up on financial wisdom from a mentor who knew the game well. He’d met Warren Buffett several years earlier, and started reading old Berkshire Hathaway annual reports.

“[They] are filled with incredible investment info,” Bloch said. “I came from a very conservative family, especially when it comes to investments. My father had very little funds in stocks outside of H&R Block stock. He mainly invested in municipal bonds. I wish I looked to Buffett 20 years ago instead of the last two or three years.”

The experience of steeping himself in Buffett’s philosophy proved so influential that Bloch decided to compile Buffett’s best gems into a new book, My Warren Buffett Bible, just published this week. Bloch will be having a signing event October 6 from 6:30-8 p.m. at Fairway’s Rainy Day Books.

Bloch said his goal is to help average people become more optimistic, long-term investors in the market.

“The book is filled with common sense and a very rational approach to investments,” he said. “One can read the 284 quotes by Buffett in just a couple hours. My hope is that investors read my book several times until it becomes a part of them.”