Hello. My name is Mariah. I work at PVPost. I need a cookie


Hello. My name is Mariah. I work at a branch of the Prairie Village Post corporate offices (which happen to be tucked in the upstairs of a north PV home).

I provide a number of valuable services. The shawneemissionpost.com day usually kicks off at 6 a.m. to finish off any overnight additions to the NEJC morning roundup. It’s a very short commute to the office (measured in feet) from my bedroom, but it’s important that everyone is up and at their desk each morning. That’s where I help out.

Fortunately, 6 a.m. is as long as I ever sleep in. I need a Milkbone and a trip outside (in reverse order) by then. I make sure lights are on and the computer is fired up on the north side. I assume my southside partner – Sophie – follows a similar schedule.

That’s not all I do to contribute to shawneemissionpost.com. I warn when the mail arrives (still working on email); I provide a sounding board for new ideas; I provide stress relief; I stay up until the end of every late night meeting to see that the writer got home; and I do regular varmint patrols to make sure the office stays safe and work is uninterrupted by squirrel intrusions. It’s exhausting.

About this donation campaign. I love a certain chicken treat from Trader Joe’s. It is a bit more expensive than the other treats in my treat drawer. Rumor around the office is that if I can raise more donation money today than any other day so far, there is an extra package of chicken treats in it for me.

Look deep into my eyes. Read my lips. I want that chicken treat. Donate now. Tell them Mariah sent you.

If you haven’t done so yet and you value the coverage we provide you free of charge each weekday, we hope you’ll take a moment to make a donation.