Unhappiness over 47th and Mission lot leads to Roeland Park proposal on demoliton

The condition of the lot at 47th and Mission Road has been a point of contention in the discussions.
The condition of the lot at 47th and Mission Road has been a point of contention.

Unhappy about the condition of the parcel of land at the corner of 47th and Mission Road, the Roeland Park Planning Commission has recommended that the city change its ordinance on demolition and removal of a structure.

The condition of the land, now used as a parking lot for overflow parking from Taco Republic, became a primary issue when the owner applied for a Special Use Permit to allow parking on the lot until he can find a restaurant partner and build a new building. Several objections to the SUP were lodged because of the remaining concrete slabs and uneven lot. The owner noted that he had complied with all of the city regulations and that removal of the slabs before new construction would add expense to the project.

Building official Mike Flickinger told the city council that there were a “lot of strong feelings” about the 47th and Mission lot – “not just from the planning commission (but) citizens as well.”

It “was discovered that city code did not have adequate language in place regarding site clean up after demolition,” a recommendation from the planning commission read.

The proposal for the new language, Flickinger came after researching the requirements in several nearby cities. “This is very close to what Olathe uses,” he said. The changes would require that the original foundation be demolished, that any in-ground structures (such as basements) will have the bottoms broken apart and the walls pushed in. Everything must be covered by 24 inches of soil and all excavations filled to grade.

The property also must be seeded and left in a condition that it can be mowed with no ponding of water.

The council decided to consider adding sections requiring that slabs and foundations be completely removed along with other surface improvements. It will be discussed again at a committee of the whole session.