Support The importance of ‘local’ in business and in news


Buy local.

It is a value that we try to promote at During this donation campaign, we have talked about the importance of local news. But supporting local businesses is another goal for the site.

Smaller, locally-owned businesses add to the individual character of the community. Not to mention that the money they take in also continues to circulate right here at home. They also provide an expertise and personal service that is quickly disappearing in today’s homogenous marketplace.

Many of these businesses draw their customers from a tight geographic circle around their store or office – overlapping with the core readership of Often, they are priced out of print and electronic media that serve the larger metro market area. They still need to find a way to connect with potential customers.

By attracting more than 60,000 local readers to every month, we provide a platform for the local business owners to get their message in front of those customers. It is a symbiotic relationship: we report news that attracts readers; we sell advertising space that supports our site; businesses get a low-cost method of marketing their goods and services. The end result is that we stay in business, they stay in business and the community is better for it.

While advertising revenue on is solid, it does not provide the capital for growth that we need to be a sustainable organization that can provide local reporting for the area for years to come. That is why we are running our donation campaign until the end of the month.

If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll join the hundreds and hundreds of your fellow readers who have already made a contribution. Just as importantly, we hope readers will support local businesses in the community that we call home.

Buy local. And help keep supporting local by donating to us today.