Anastasya Bagdasaryan crowned 2015 SM North Homecoming Queen

Anastasya Bagdasaryan is the 2015 SM North Homecoming Queen
Anastasya Bagdasaryan is the 2015 SM North Homecoming Queen

The weather was so bad that it led to the cancelation of the Homecoming Parade for the second year in a row. And the football game might have been worse, with SM West running roughshod over the Indians in front of a soggy crowd.

But with the radiance of the smiles on the field during the SM North Homecoming Queen crowning ceremony at halftime Friday night, it felt like a warm, sunny day.

Last year’s court, Queen Kelsie Sneegas and attendants Mykia Carrell and Paige Miller, were on hand…:


…to help Principal Dick Kramer and SM North students name the new honorees. The first name called was for second attendant Lucy Wagner, who got a big hug from her dad…:


…before lighting up the crowd with her smile as the crown was placed on her head:


Next came first attendant Caitlyn Howard, who was all smiles as well:


And finally Anastasya Bagdasaryan, who looked as surprised as her father when her name came over of the public address system:


“Honestly, I didn’t expect it,” Bagdasaryan said after the ceremony. “All of the candidates were great girls, and I would be happy for any of them to win. It’s a really great privledge to be Homecoming Queen. I feel really loved.”

Born in Russia, Bagdasaryan moved to the U.S. with her family before she was 2 years old, learning to speak English around the time she started kindergarten. She said she’s grateful her family made the move and she had the chance to grow up here.

“I love North — I love the being around everybody,” she said. “We have such nice, kind hearts here. It’s the students that I’m really going to miss [after I graduate].”

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