Why we’re limiting the amount donors can contribute to Support shawneemissionpost.com


The news will always be free – at least here at shawneemissionpost.com – and independent.

Dan Blom
Dan Blom

It’s also one of the reasons that we are running a donation campaign right now – so it can stay free. And why we are limiting the maximum donation amount.

We think it is important that everyone in the community have access to the news. Putting up pay walls or charging for subscriptions has been a strategy that some news sites have employed over the last few years to generate the money to keep going. Unfortunately, those efforts haven’t worked well, and many of the sites have been forced to abandon them (or, in some cases, close up shop).

Our strategy is to keep the news free so anyone can have access to anything we post at anytime (yes, you can go back and find every one of the thousands of articles we have posted whenever you want). That way, we all have a chance to share in the community celebrations, events, challenges, decisions and opportunities.

After five years, we also recognize that diversifying our revenue stream is important to long-term sustainability. We want to be here for years into the future.

Advertising will still pay the lion’s share of the bills at shawneemissionpost.com. But we hope that readers who value getting news of northeast Johnson County each weekday also will decide that access is worth something and pitch in.

We do want to limit the amount any one individual contributes, though. That is why you see $200 as the top amount for contributions. We do not want to find ourselves in a position where a contributor believes the size of their contribution just bought them special access to influence stories. We plan to stay independent and debt free. Small contributions shared across the larger readership will help us do that.

We hope you believe it is worth it.

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