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Dan Blom

When I started a career in journalism several decades ago, nobody would have believed that a place like Johnson County would not have a daily newspaper that covered the everyday events of life – even in the shadows of a metropolitan daily. That incredulity would remain unchallenged up until just a few years ago when the erosion of the newspaper industry picked up momentum at an alarming rate.

Every town of any size across the countryside — even with fewer than 5,000 people — had its own daily. Many at that time still were family-owned affairs. The newspaper was the common ground for the community: the place where people got the basic information about what the city council or school board was doing, what was happening at the local high school, which kid just got a scholarship, who died, who got married, what business just opened or closed.

It recorded the triumphs and tragedies of life and provided the platform for the town to talk about its challenges with a shared set of both facts and opinions. Public opinion was formed and informed by the reporting in the daily newspaper. It was that information that let the community rally to support a cause or rise up to skewer a bad idea.

The newspaper of those days is gone. And before we started, no media outlet was covering daily life in northeast Johnson County with any regularity.

The question is: does a healthy community still need some way to get basic, unbiased information about its people and its institutions so its members can move forward together?

We think the answer is “yes.” That is why we do what we do.

We hope you agree. And that is why we are running our donation campaign this month — so we can pay the bills and keep doing it.

If you value the information provides to NEJC readers free of charge each weekday, we hope you’ll step up and make a donation to keep the site moving forward.

Thank you for supporting and your NEJC community.

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