NEJC Faces: John Robrock, garage sale host


“I’ve lived here in Roeland Park for 40 years. I’ve had around ten, 12 garage sales. Our last one was in 2008. I didn’t get married until I was 52, and I had a lot of stuff. My wife had tons of stuff. We had garage sales before we got married, while we were dating, just to get rid of the stuff.

“We’ve lost our parents and we’ve got a lot of their stuff. And we’ve got a lot of their belongings. This is the last of my wife’s mother’s belongings. Her mother was a doll collector and had over 300 dolls, and we’re thinning that collection way down. For about six years she got into framing. She framed everything from coins to dollar bills to antique post cards, pictures, everything. We’ve sold quite a few of those. Quilts, tablecloths, dresses. You can kind of pick out a pattern of the collections she had.

“We have met wonderful people at the garage sale. One guy came, and you could tell he was having a little difficulty and he had an accent, and I got to visiting and I said, ‘Now, where are you from?’ Afghanistan! So it’s really been interesting. We had another guy who came up and asked, ‘Do you have any axes?’ I said no. He said, ‘Well, I collect axes. I’ve got over 1,300 of them. One of them I paid over $1,400 for.’ I’m goin’, ‘Wow.’ It’s amazing the people you meet.”