Survey of Mission residents shows high satisfaction with city; areas for emphasis clear

Mission residents were highly satisfied with the city and city services but had clear areas of emphasis for the next two years, including redevelopment efforts and maintenance of streets.

The latest survey of Mission residents shows a high overall satisfaction with city service, a positive perception of the city and an overall feeling of safety that is “off the charts,” according to the firm that performed the survey.

Ron Vine of ETC Institute briefed the city council this week on the survey results which gave the high marks, but also pointed to street maintenance and planning to promote redevelopment as the two main areas where residents want more emphasis and there is an opportunity for improvement. Approximately half of all residents surveyed selected those two issues as one of their top three choices when asked what should receive the most emphasis in the next two years. Conversely, those were the two lowest rated issues in a question about the overall satisfaction with city services by category.

Findings in an earlier survey regarding the parks was reinforced when residents listed maintenance of city parks, the number of walking and biking trails and the overall appearance of green space as areas that should receive the most emphasis.

When the city’s ratings were compared to other cities in the Kansas City metro that have surveyed citizens Mission compared well, falling above the mean in satisfaction on most of the categories. Especially high were the overall feeling of safety and the overall quality of life and services in the city. In perceptions of the community, “you are really high,” Vine told the council.

Among the highest ranking responses were to Mission as a place to live, overall quality of police protection and visibility of police in neighborhoods, the quality of the community center and the outdoor aquatics center, snow removal and cleanliness of city streets.

More than 75 percent of households thought that greenspace in the city should be maintained or expanded. Residents again listed street maintenance, sidewalks, trails and private property maintenance as items that would have the most impact on improving their neighborhoods.

The survey showed that residents favor pedestrian friendly improvements, expanding the trail network and including sidewalks on neighborhood streets. In economic development, residents want to see quality sit-down restaurants, a farmers market (already implemented) and quality exterior design and construction on shopping centers and retail building.

City Administrator Laura Smith said the city staff will use the results as a tool to work on improvements going forward.