Revised Slim Chickens proposal gets initial approval from Prairie Village


The proposal to put a fried chicken restaurant on the site of an antiquated office building on State Line Road got a new breath of life on Tuesday as the Prairie Village Planning Commission approved a revised plan for the site that addressed the concerns that prompted the city council to reject the project last month.

On a 3-2 vote Tuesday, the commission voted to recommend approval for a plan that included new assurances of reduced noise and light. The applicant, which is being represented by Block and Co., agreed to conduct an acoustics study to ensure that noise from a drive-through speaker would not be a nuisance to neighboring homeowners.

The new plan also includes additional landscaping and more prominent walkways for pedestrians crossing through the drive-through area.

Commissioners Jonathan Birkel and Jim Breneman voted against the proposal, which will make its way to the city council later this month for reconsideration.