Yoder discusses work to fight Iran nuclear deal, Planned Parenthood at NEJC Conservatives meeting

Rep. Kevin Yoder spoke to the Northeast Johnson County Conservatives  at Burg and Barrel in Overland Park on Tuesday.
Rep. Kevin Yoder spoke to the Northeast Johnson County Conservatives at Burg and Barrel in Overland Park on Tuesday.

Couching himself as a conservative who tries to find issues that moderate Republicans and Independents can get behind as well, Rep. Kevin Yoder told a group of area conservatives on Tuesday that he was focused on four issues at present he believed were key to strengthening the country.

First, he said he was doing every thing he could in Congress to fight what he characterized as “President Obama’s surrender to the Islamic Republic of Iran” on the nuclear deal currently being considered in the nation’s capital.

Saying that Iran was a large state sponsor of terror that currently had Americans as hostages, Yoder told the audience of around 50 at Burg and Barrel in Overland Park that he couldn’t understand why “we would ever cut a deal with Iran and turn our backs on the nation of Israel.”

“I still subscribe to the Ronald Reagan foreign policy, which is peace through strength, and that weakness invites aggression,” he said. “What we are doing here, we are inviting Iran to get strong and to test whether we have the resolve to protect our values. I believe ultimately this deal will haunt us for years to come.”

Additionally, Yoder said he was committed to fighting the existence of sanctuary cities like San Francisco, which have harbored illegal aliens who went on to commit serious crimes against American citizens, and to challenging the government’s practice of surveillance of electronic communications.

Yoder also said he was taking a lead in the conservative fight against Planned Parenthood in the wake of the controversy surrounding a video that showed a Planned Parenthood executive discussing the practice of delivering tissue from aborted fetuses to research organizations.

“I am disgusted, I am appalled, as an American, as a human being, that there is a market in this country to sell aborted fetal organs,” he said. “And I will do everything I can to stop the sale of fetal organs in this country.”

Yoder said he believed that his position on issue would ultimately gain the support of the broader public.

“I think they are going to lose the debate on this, I think they have made a huge mistake,” he said of Planned Parenthood supporters. “They want to change this topic to women’s health…This is about the abhorrent practice that I think even pro-choice people, when they see what’s happening, their hearts have to turn. If not, to me, they have no hearts.”