Prairie Village residents encounter burglars trying to break into homes


Prairie Village police are investigating the attempted burglaries of two homes Thursday afternoon.

A woman arrived at her home not far from the intersection of 77th Street and Mission Road to find a white car sitting in her driveway occupied by two black males. As she pulled into the driveway, the white car sped away, driving through her yard to escape.

The car then pulled around the corner and one of the suspects kicked in the front door of another house. The owner of that house happened to be returning home as well and noticed the front door had been busted open. He encountered one of the suspects in the driveway and then fled the scene to report the incident.

By the time police arrived, the suspects had left the area. Police used a K-9 unit to try to track the suspects but couldn’t find them.

The woman who first encountered the suspects in her driveway drove to the police station to report the incident. Police say that it’s best to call in incidents in progress because it allows dispatch to send officers to the scene more quickly.

Police say that while they have not apprehended the suspects they have positive leads in the case.