Studio 7 Pilates + Barre moves in to new space in Prairie Village

Jocelyn Cohenour says pilates helped her return to the stage after suffering an injury dancing.
Jocelyn Cohenour says pilates helped her return to the stage after suffering an injury dancing.

Jocelyn Cohenour had achieved her dream of dancing professionally in the mid-2000s when a sudden pain in her back left her wondering whether she’d ever be able to dance again. During a stint as a performer on Carnival Cruise Lines, Cohenour slipped a disc in her back, leading to a year of rehab.

Pilates, combined with physical therapy, helped her recover and return to the stage.

“Once I retired from dancing, pilates just stuck in my head,” she said. “Because my pilates instructors really were my lifeline back to dancing.”

After working as an instructor for years, Cohenour opened her own business, Studio 7 Pilates + Barre in Waldo last April. But interest in the studio’s classes had grown large enough that Cohenour and her instructors were having a hard time fitting into their space next to the Classic Cookie.

So late last month, Studio 7 moved to the 75th and State Line Road space in Prairie Village most recently occupied by KC Helpdesk. The new space is nearly three times as large as the previous space, allowing Studio 7 to accommodate as many as 15 students in a pilates class and five students in an equipment class.

“We wanted something that would meet our clients desires,” Cohenour said. “This space is newer, it’s bigger, and it allows us to store a lot of the equipment we use.”

Studio 7 offers a variety of classes, from standard pilates and barre method sessions to speciality classes that revolve around the TRX Suspension Trainer or focus on deep stretching.

“There are a lot of people who have overuse injuries, and with our offerings we hope to decrease that and give people the opportunity to excel in outside sports,” Cohenour said. “We have a lot of marathoners, we have a lot of people who do CrossFit outside and then come here as well to combine the two.”

Studio 7 offers per class pricing or monthly packages. In addition to its classes, Studio 7 has a small boutique that is one of the first in the area to offer Fairway native Sacha Nana’s NEVA Activewear line.

More information on Studio 7 and its class offerings is available at the studio’s website.