Food on Friday: The best steak you’ll ever make


By Julia Westhoff

Let me just state up front that I have not been compensated by the Anova Culinary Company for this article. It will sound like I have.

Let’s get started.

Sous vide. A familiar term for those of you who watch Top Chef, but not something your average home cook might know about. It’s a method of cooking that involves placing your ingredients in a plastic bag and sticking them in a water bath. Your food cooks at a low, even temperature for a sustained period of time, resulting in a moist and evenly cooked product. It’s basically a fancy pants version of a crock pot. And it makes the most incredible steak I have ever eaten.

First, a shout out to our good friends at Feed Me Creative – they introduced us to this miracle gadget because Anova, the creator of this easy and affordable sous vide machine, has been a client of theirs. We’ve since used it to cook chicken, salmon, and eggs, but mostly we use it for the holy grail of them all – steak.

Let me make it clear – I don’t even like steak. At least, I didn’t think I did. But the steak we’ve cooked in the Anova makes me want to weep, it is that good. A few months ago we made it for our dinner club, a group that has been eating well every month for years, and the consensus was that this meal blew all the others out of the water.

The Anova is $179. That’s a lot to spend on a home gadget, but it’s also about the same as one nice meal for two at any of KCs renowned steak houses. It’s easy to use and small. You can get it here. Thank you in advance for the commission. Just kidding, yo!