In wake of payday loan settlement, St. Teresa’s removes Coppinger name from track, Pitch reports

Tim Coppinger
Tim Coppinger
St. Teresa’s Academy has removed the Coppinger family’s name from its track in the wake of Mission Hills resident Tim Coppinger’s recent settlement with the Federal Trade Commission after being accused of illegally taking tens of millions of dollars from the bank accounts of people who had taken out online payday loans, reports David Hudnall of The Pitch.

Coppinger and his wife Jane were one of five Coppinger families to make a pledge for the construction of the track before its construction in 2012. In the wake of Tim Coppinger’s unethical business practices coming to light, the school decided to take the family’s name off the track, and is in the process of reviewing what to do with the money Tim and Jane donated to the school.

St. Teresa’s has not disclosed how much the couple donated to the school.

Coppinger and associate Ted Rowland, who also lives in Mission Hills, settled with the FTC in July. Coppinger faces a redress judgement of $32 million, while Rowland faces $22 million.