Food on Friday: Discover the goober burger


By Julia Westhoff

Have you ever had a Goober Burger? Those of you not feeling put off by the name are probably remembering this delicious concoction made at the Wheel Inn Restaurant in Sedalia, Mo. My husband’s family introduced me to this delicacy, enjoyed every summer on their way to the Lake of the Ozarks. It’s a truly unique treat, and it quickly turned into one of my favorite burgers of all time.

So what is a Goober Burger? It is a hamburger topped with peanut butter. Yes, you read that right. And it is soooo delicious.

Sadly, the Wheel Inn closed a couple of years ago. And there is nowhere else that I know of where you can find something quite like the Goober Burger. So of course, I attempted a recreation.

There are many recipes for peanut butter burgers out there, but I found them wanting – they were too heavy, and not flavorful enough. The answer (as I knew it probably would be), was combining peanut butter with mayo. This makes for the perfect oozy, flavorful peanut buttery sauce. I would also recommend a nice thin patty. I tried various toppings, but I think just lettuce yielded the best results.

I encourage you to try this flavor combination if you haven’t already. It’s not all that different from typical Thai dishes and it’s a great twist on your traditional hamburger cookout. I’d like to add that both of the girls loved it, and they are getting harder and harder to please. I am sure it didn’t hurt that it was called a Goober Burger…

Julia’s Goober Burger
Serves 4

4 thin burger patties, seasoned to your preference
4 buns
½ cup creamy peanut butter
½ cup mayo
Lettuce to garnish

Cook burger patties and toast buns. Combine peanut butter and mayo. Spread the goober (J) on each burger and top with lettuce. Enjoy!