Roeland Park forms new group to look at bike and walk friendliness of the city

Prairie Village has relatively few marked bike routes compared to surrounding communities in Kansas City, Mo., Leawood, and  Overland Park.
Signage will be one of the issues that the new Roeland Park committee will be investigating.

Roeland Park has created the Roeland Park Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Ad Hoc Committee that will take the next year to identify concerns and community assets around transportation issues.

The committee is expected to make recommendations for specific changes, such as signs, pavement markings or new construction. The new committee was approved by the city council Monday.

Councilor Teresa Kelly said the group will work on an awareness campaign on being bike and walk friendly. The group, which has been meeting informally, got together to look at “what we have and what we could have,” Kelly said.

The group is charged with looking at the “current state of transportation in and around the city as it relates to active transportation – pedestrian conditions, ADA accessibility, and bicycling and transit accessibility.”

In addition to Kelly, members will include Councilor Erin Thompson, Kyle Rogler, Laura Steele, Tyler Steel and Joe Blankenship of BikeWalkKC.