Food on Friday: A stand out potato salad


We spent most of last week in Northern California. We were there for a wedding for two people we love, but we were also there to eat. Having spent several years in San Francisco, I often dream of all the treats the Bay Area has to offer. On each trip back I plot carefully to make sure every favorite dish gets its time to shine (in my belly).

This trip, though, was even more glutinous than usual. Oysters, sushi, pizza, donuts, cheese, croissants, burrata and much, much more. I have never been so full for so long.
But surprisingly, in the middle of all of that fancy-pants food, one humble dish stood out. The potato salad was a last minute grab from the deli, but it may have garnered more praise than any other dish. It was simple, creamy, and a perfect summer side dish.

What luck, then, to return home and find our potato patch ready to be harvested. I set to work making my favorite German potato salad, a recipe by Bobby Flay. The flavors are outstanding, and its lack of mayo means you don’t have to worry about it sitting in the sun.

Now if only I could recreate that hazelnut chocolate croissant….

Check out the recipe here.