Revised Mission ward boundary map adopted with no objections this time around

The map shows two small sections moving from Ward 1 into Ward 2 to achieve the balance.

A new redistricting plan for Mission’s ward boundaries has sailed through the city council with no objections from city council members or the public.

The new ward configuration anticipates modest population changes, only including the expected new occupants at the Welstone apartments and additional residents at Mission Square. A previous 2012 plan that failed to be adopted was more ambitious in predicting future housing gains. That proposal included a proposed residential project at the East Gateway development. The Gateway project has stalled with no development in the intervening years.

Another objection to the 2012 proposal was the shift of the former municipality of Countryside from Ward 4 into Ward 2.

The new plan, adopted by the city council Wednesday after two public hearings that drew no comments, avoids the Countryside shift and is silent on Gateway plans. It only shifts 490 residents from Ward 1 to Ward 2.

The redistricting was needed because the wards had become out of balance in population. Ward 1 was more than 23 percent over the average and Ward 2 was more than 18 percent below the average for the four wards. With the changes, the wards are now evenly balance with the largest deviation being Ward 4 at four percent below average.