SM East grad’s video parodying Royals All-Star voting controversy racking up views


A Prairie Village resident and SM East graduate has attracted attention for a YouTube parody video he created poking fun at the controversy over the Royals’ prodigious All-Star balloting numbers.

Set to the tune of Smash Mouth’s 1999 hit “All Star,” Dane Callstrom’s video is packed with cheeky references to the Royals’ domination of this year’s All Star voting. Take a look:

Since going live Thursday, it’s already attracted more than 28,000 views. Callstrom said he got the idea for the video when listening to The Drive on Sports Radio 610, where the producer played a clip of the Smash Mouth song as hosts Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison discussed the voting controversy. When inspiration struck, Callstrom couldn’t keep himself from working.

“Overall, it probably took 15 hours of work over a three day period to complete,” he said. “I got the inspiration Monday afternoon, and I wrote about half of the song that evening. On Tuesday, I wrote the other half and recorded the song. Then on Wednesday, I pulled an all-nighter and recorded the video and did the editing. I literally have not slept since Tuesday night as I’m writing this.”

It’s not the first time Callstrom has made a video about Kansas City sports teams that has attracted attention. In 2012, he made a trio of videos about the Chiefs and then-general manager Scott Pioli that was featured on an ESPN blog.