Barn Players Community Theatre announces lineup for 61st season in 2016

The Barn Players will present its 61st season in 2016.
The Barn Players will present its 61st season in 2016.

The Barn Players has announced its 2016 season lineup, which will be the 61st season for the metro’s oldest and largest community theatre. Besides the regular six-show season, the theatre also will several other shows, such as Barn Kids productions, during the year.

“We truly have shows for everyone in the coming 2016 season: the regular six-show season, Barn Kids, Barn Junior, a musical benefit and our renowned Six By Ten Plays in December,” said Vida Bikales, theater president. “This may well be our best and most powerful season in all our 61 years.”

The season lineup as described by the Barn Players:

  • BARN JUNIOR – “13” – January 15-24, 2016. Directed by Jason Coates. “13” is a musical about fitting in and standing out. Evan is taken from the big city life to a sleepy Indiana town following his parents divorce – can he find a comfortable place in his new school and community? Rated PG
    ROCK OF AGES – February 26 through March 13. It’s the end of the 80’s in Hollywood and amidst the parties and madness rock star Drew longs to take the stage – but the dream ends when buyers threaten to turn the famous Las Vegas strip into a mall.
    Rated PG.
  • JANE EYRE – April 15 through May 1. The classic about an orphan girl who grows up to be the governess of Thornfield Hall where she meets and falls in love with an Earl who has a dark secret – he has a half-crazed wife he keeps in the attic. Rated PG
  • THE GRADUATE – May 27 through June 12. The motion picture hit of the 60’s is brought to the stage – a graduate returns home and gets involved with the wife of his father’s business partner, but soon finds his attention turning to their daughter. Rated R
  • JUNE BARN KIDS – DISNEY’S “SLEEPING BEAUTY” – June 14-15-16. Based on the 1959 Disney film and the story “Sleeping Beauty in the Woods”. Directed by Jason Coats. Rated G
  • JULY BARN KIDS – DISNEY’S “SLEEPING BEAUTY” – July 14-15-16. Based on the 1959 Disney film and the story “Sleeping Beauty in the Woods” Directed by Jason Coates. Rated G
  • 61st ANNUAL BARN BENEFIT CONCERT “SONDHEIM ON SONDHEIM” – June 24-25 – 26. Stephen Sondheim’s intimate portrait in his own words and more than two dozen of his songs in an evening to remember. Rated PG-13
  • THE ELEPHANT MAN – July 29 through August 14. Based on the life of John Merrick, a horribly deformed young man who lived in London in the 19th Century and dreams to be a man like any other. Rated PG-13.
  • KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN – September 16 through October 2. A harrowing tale of cell mates in a Latin American prison becomes a dazzling musical spectacular with gritty realities and liberating fantasies. Rated R.
  • NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT – November 4 through the 20. Set in the 1920’s this is the story of playboy Jimmy who meets a rough female bootlegger on the weekend of his wedding – when Jimmy’s prohibitionist family shows up for the wedding, the booze has to be hidden and the result is hi-jinks galore. Rated PG
  • THE NINTH ANNUAL 6X10 TEN MINUTE PLAY FESTIVAL – December 9–10-11 six original ten minute plays by local playwrights. Plays to be announced.

The Barn Players theatre is located on Martway in Mission, across from the Sylvester Powell Community Center. It offers a season flex pass which will be on sale shortly.