Roeland Park City Council told pay scales need to be adjusted; employee survey favorable on other issues


A survey of Roeland Park city employees shows that an overwhelming majority would recommend to someone else that they come to work for the city. However, City Administrator told the city council this week that pay scales are an issue and that the city will “need to get pay more in line” with other cities and Mid-America Regional Council standards.

Otto said it was “very reassuring” that most (88 percent) of the employees who took the survey said they would recommend Roeland Park as an employer to a friend. “That makes me feel good,” he said. Most of the other questions on the survey regarding training, supervision and commitment to quality also received highly favorable response from employees.

The place where the lowest rankings surfaced was on employee compensation. More employees rated the compensation as poor than rated it excellent. Most of the responses were in the “neutral” category. However, a number of comments received with the survey showed that some employees felt the city’s compensation is not competitive with surrounding cities in Johnson County.

Otto pointed out to the council that the cost of health insurance has risen more than compensation over the last five years for patrol officers in the police department, resulting in a net loss of income. “We have seen a lot of that turnover in our frontline officer position,” Otto said.

Employee benefits also rated lower than most other areas on the survey with 20 percent describing them as poor and 48 percent saying they were good or excellent. One respondent wrote that “insurance has gone up in the past with no pay raises until this year, which makes it feel like a pay cut.”