NEJC reps call latest budget bill proposal ‘band-aid approach,’ explain votes against


Saying that it was a “band-aid approach to cover up the state’s $800 million dollar deficit,” northeast Johnson County Kansas representatives Barbara Bollier, Stephanie Clayton and Melissa Rooker today issued a statement explaining their votes against SB 270, which failed 82-27, extending the session yet again.

The three reps’ statement on the vote follows:

Senate Bill 270 as presented to the House today is not the comprehensive tax reform that Kansans in our districts have asked for. This is instead a band-aid approach to cover up the state’s $800 million dollar deficit.

We cannot support a plan that takes our state even farther down the road of fiscal instability – a road that has resulted in the loss of funding for our schools, a loss of funding for the highway system that Kansas once pioneered, risk to our public employees through furloughs and a loss of stability for our business community.

This plan simply kicks the can down the road, leaving our state to face this same financial crisis next year, and the next year and the year after that. SB 270 continues to play favorites in our tax code, allowing big businesses to game the system while Kansans, small businesses and our next generation are left to pick up the tab. As representatives of districts that all border Missouri, which has a much lower sales tax rate, we are cognizant of the detrimental effect that this would have on local businesses right here at home.

Our state, our schools and our economy are facing very real challenges today – challenges that require real revenue reform from this Legislature.

Rep. Barbara Bollier, District 21
Rep. Stephanie Clayton, District 19
Rep. Melissa Rooker, District 25