Roeland Park Community Center users give it high marks on survey; suggest computer lab, playground, shelter

Roeland Park Community Center offers a variety of programs for all ages.
Roeland Park Community Center offers a variety of programs for all ages.

The Roeland Park Community Center got high marks from its users in a recent survey that asked for their impressions of the building and services.

Most of the ratings gave the center either excellent, good or satisfactory on the question of ”how would you rate our building’s appearance (inside and outside). Nearly 90 percent of the 130 respondents gave it a satisfactory or above rating, though many noted that it is an old school – built in 1953 – and has some limitations in its current use.

While only 36 percent of those taking the survey said they would like to see new amenities or updates in the center, many of those comments were centered on a computer lab, additions to the fitness area, a coffee shop and upgrades to the restrooms. The request for a computer lab was the most frequently mentioned.

On the outside of the building, the requests were for a playground and a shelter house. A trail between the center and Nall Park also appeared on the list. The survey also turned up a long list of suggestions for additional programs.

Roeland Park City Administrator Aaron Otto presented costs on adding a playground at $35,000 and the cost for a new shelter building on the southwest corner of the property at $140,000. Changing the internal doors back to reflect the look of the period when the school was built was priced at $20,823.

Otto also provided a long list of completed or pending repairs that the city is undertaking to keep the community center updated.