Actor Shia LaBeouf spotted in Mission Hills Tuesday filming ‘American Honey’

The crew for "American Honey" filming an outdoor scene in Mission Hills Tuesday.
The crew for “American Honey” filming an outdoor scene in Mission Hills Tuesday.

A timely tip from a PVPost reader Tuesday evening alerted us to the filming-in-progress of British director Andrea Arnold’s “American Honey” in Mission Hills.

The film stars Shia LaBeouf, who a reader spotted standing on the periphery of the production area just off Mission Road in a plaid shirt:


According to Variety, the film tells the story of a runaway teenager who sells magazine subscriptions door to door. (We saw a cinematographer running alongside an actress carrying a handful of magazines as the crew was at work last night).

Arnold’s last film was an adaptation of Wuthering Heights. LaBeouf is known for his starring role in the Transformers films and, more recently, Fury.