Top 5 ways Epoxy can positively impact your home’s concrete floors

“Sell the Problem a Product Solves, NOT the product itself” is an old connotation that has been used for years. Prairie Village-owned, Granite Garage Floors helps to narrow down the Top 5 areas where its past customers have historically found permanent solutions for their homes with the ever growing popularity of epoxy coating systems:

Solution #1 – Preservation & Protection of Exposed Concrete: Whether your have exposed concrete in your basement or your garage, it is continually deteriorating from time, weather, and thermal expansion/contraction. Unprotected areas that see the most damage are usually garage floors due to the abuse from vehicles and weather. Frequently, the spalling and cracking from years of sand, salt, and water will cause irreparable damage to the extent that the garage slab needs to be entirely replaced. A professional epoxy coating system cannot only protect newer slabs from future deterioration, but is also very effective for patching, repairing and fusing together older slabs to increase the substrate’s integrity prior to coating.

Solution #2 – Ease of Cleaning: Uncoated concrete is almost impossible to clean. The dust, stains, and dirt collect easily and ultimately this mess is tracked into other parts of the house without intent. Epoxy coating, such as the system that Granite Garage Floors employs utilizes a chemically resistant, Polyaspartic top coat that allows for organic material, mud, dirt, and even oil & gas to wipe up with easy. Additionally, a typical GGF system coats the perimeter concrete foundation stem walls to seal this area to provide homeowners a “Bathtub” type approach. This prohibits water and dirt from falling in between the concrete and also provides homeowners with a buffer zone of sorts to allow for utilizing a hose or pressure washer to spray out the space with confidence without the worry of spraying on walls.

Solution #3 – Cosmetically Appealing: The look and feel of epoxy is one that brings normally boring, dark, and drab areas of the home such as unfinished basements and garages into an entirely new light. Epoxy will feel different to the foot and also provide the warmer & more welcoming feeling. Kids will gravitate to these rooms to play and adults will frequent the rooms more often due to the clean, finished, and bright appearance. Designer colors and even flowing metallic options are available to provide a plethora of choices to match a homeowner’s needs. Contrasting wall colors as seen below can even accent the floor’s impact on the overall beauty of a basement or garage setting to allow for a beautiful room to emerge out of what was previously an area of embarrassment to most homeowners.

Solution #4 – Slip Resistance: Especially in garages, traction is a higher priority for most people knowing there is moisture often present after rain & snow. The functionality of the polymer flake (that appears to look like Granite) used in epoxy coating systems is key. The texture created by the layering of these chips provides an orange-peel like surface that allows for sufficient friction from shoes, bare feet, and even tires to allow much more slip-resistance than bare concrete. The size of the Granite flake is also important. Granite Garage Floors has used exclusively ¼” diameter polymer flakes for the last 5 years based on this size of chip having the best mix of providing great slip-resistance and also being easy-to-clean whereas smaller chips are too rough and are more difficult to clean.

Solution #5 – Not Just A Storage Space Any More: Whether bare concrete exists in a garage or a basement area, it is usually relegated to a utility area that stores household items. An epoxy coating system is extremely affordable (half the price of carpet and one-third the price of tile) and allows for homeowners to turn unused storage space into functional living areas. This type of floor transformation translates into more “real” square footage in a home that is actual living space….and as you can guess – more livable space ultimately translates into better resale and home value.

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