Spring garage purge? It starts from the ground up

Sometimes it feels insurmountable….the piles of stuff that have been relocated from other areas of your home to your garage as the central repository of all things that don’t have a place. Liberating your garage from becoming the “dumping ground” for your entire house starts from the ground up and it is much easier and painless than you may think.

Prairie Village-owned, Granite Garage Floors helps homeowners throughout the KC metro put a priority on garage “Makeovers” to help create a cleaner Garage that feels more like an interior space. GGF’s owner, Greg Slicker offers some insight below in a Q&A with Shawnee Mission Post that may provide you some alternative thoughts on some ways to reclaim your garage space.

Q: How do I make my garage feel like an interior space and clean-up the look and functionality of my garage?

A: Eliminating needless items via garage sales, charity, and throwing away is an obvious answer. However-there is not another place in your home, other than your roof, that takes more abuse than your garage floor. While in the process of eliminating useless items from your garage, installing an epoxy coating system to protect and beautify your garage should be considered due to timing of not having this opportunity to have a clean space void of normal contents very frequently. A professionally-installed, industrial coating will preserve your garage slab and protect it from salt, gas, oil, sand, and other harmful materials that will cause havoc on the longevity of the concrete in this area. An coating system, such as a Granite Garage Floor will also add beauty to make it feel more like an interior room allowing for a much more aesthically pleasing area to enter your home for you and your guests. If you are committed to cleaning out your garage, one of the best times to have a coating installed is while you are purging needless items to allow for a seamless “Garage Makeover”.

Q: After I purge the items that I don’t need any longer, I still have a bunch of garage contents that need to remain in my garage. What do I do with this stuff while I install an epoxy coating system, such as a Granite Garage Floor?

A: Most garages have plenty of items that cannot be moved into the house during the installation of an coating system. While you are in the process of eliminating clutter and cleaning out un-needed items, there will most likely still be plenty of garage contents remaining that need a temporary place to go during a garage coating installation. At Granite Garage Floors, we take extreme care with each customer to make sure we have a plan in place that allows for these contents to be move out and moved back into the garage with relative ease. Many times, homeowners elect to move their contents to a back porch or the side of their house. We will provide tarps and protective coverings for these items to ensure that they will be protected during the time outdoors. We also have a turn-key solution with PODS storage systems that is excellent alternative to securely store items. PODS has a mechanism called a “Podzilla” that hoists the storage container in the air and gently sets the wood base (no metal touching the driveway) on our customer’s driveway. GGF will handle all of the operational needs to have a POD delivered a few days prior to the flooring installation and will arrange for the POD to be picked-up shortly after the flooring installation is complete. All of this coordination is easy, provides a simple means to store garage contents, and GGF has extremely cost-effective pricing via PODs due to the volume of PODS that we use each year for customer installations.

Q: How long does the entire process take and when can I get back to using my garage?

A: Most installations take a day to a day-and-a half from start to finish depending on the total size of the space. The homeowner can be back to normal use the next day with heavier items needing to remain off of the floor for 4 days after the process is started to allow for the base coat of epoxy to permanently wick-into the substrate and provide a tenacious bond that includes a Lifetime Warranty against ever peeling.

Q: Will I need to refresh or re-do my epoxy coating system every few years?

A: Unlike the Do-It-Yourself kits sold at home centers and low-end epoxy only installations, a Granite Garage Floor should never need to be replaced or re-coated. Cracks and imperfections that exist prior to coating will solidfy the garage floor allowing it to have as much integrity as the day it was originally poured. This enhancement to the substrate provides a solid foundation for the coating system to remain intact for decades or longer. Additionally – GGF employs a massive amount of polymer chips (25lbs. per 100 square feet) that provide impact resistance for heavy-duty wear and tear. Lastly, the UV-Stable Polyaspartic top coat provides extreme protection from sand, dirt, salt, and other chemicals from damaging or deteriorating the garage slab.

Q: When other former Granite Garage Floors customers start their garage cleanout & purge with the installation of professionally-installed floor coating sytem, what do they say the biggest benefits are in terms of problems that they previously had that are now solved?

A: Peace-of-mind that the homeowner has now protected up to 20% of their home’s total square footage is the biggest, single benefit that former GGF customers state to have received from coating their garage floor. Many former customers love the interior feel and beauty of the floors with the ability for their floor to have stairs and stem (foundation) walls coated as well. Many “clean freaks” state that their Granite Garage Floor is extremely easy to clean in 5 minutes or less keeping dirt and grime out of their house as they transition from outdoors to indoors.

Providing texture and slip-resistance to a surface that is many times covered with water is also cited by former customers as a benefit that they are enjoying wit their new garage floor coating system. However-one of the most common post-mortem comments of Granite Garage Floor customers is how they underestimated how easy, uninvasive, and turn-key the entire installation was and how transformative it makes their entire home feel at completion.