Does your garage floor need a makeover?

YOUR GARAGE IS CALLING….and it is tired of its dingy appearance and how it has been neglected over the years!  As a space that represents up to 20% of your home’s total size, the Garage is often overlooked as a home improvement candidate.  Yet, the Garage is used by homeowners nearly every day and often serves as the primary entry point for visitors entering the home.  For this reason, many discriminating Homeowners are looking for solutions to “Upgrade their Garage”. 

With home values continuing to appreciate, many homeowners are looking for other areas of their home to improve that will be a solid investment.  One area of the home that continues to gain popularity is improving the garage space and more specifically – the garage flooring.   Most people are only aware of the concrete paints, stains and water-based epoxy kits that are typically available at local paint stores or home improvement centers.  These products are typically water based products that cannot handle the abuse that a professionally installed, industrial Epoxy Coating System will provide.