Roeland Park will forgo adding city’s name to water tower

The water tower in Roeland Park has been getting a makeover.
The water tower in Roeland Park has been getting a makeover.

Roeland Park will take a pass on an opportunity to put the city’s name on the water tower between 48th Street and Elledge.

The city council has discussed the name placement on more than a couple of occasions, but Monday night backed away from paying to put any name or logo on the tower, WaterOne currently has a contractor sandblasting and repainting the tower, which was the impetus for considering adding the city’s name.

The council looked at the cost of several options from simply the letters “RP” at $4,600 per set to the full city name at $5,800 per set as well as the city’s tree logo at $12,500 per location and the holding hands logo on the new neighborhood watch signs for $63,100.

In the end, even some councilors who liked the idea of the water tower carrying the name did not feel it was the appropriate time.

Councilor Michael Rhoades said he did not want to put anything on the tower and would rather put money into a gateway element that would be seen by more people.

City Administrator Aaron Otto reported that adding city branding later, after the painting was complete, would add a few thousand dollars to the cost, but that it could be done in the future. The strategic planning committee has recommended that the city pursue establishing a brand and marketing direction. Some councilors at a previous meeting had said the name should not be added until the brand is established.

Mike Hickey and Tom Madigan both spoke against doing the painting now. Hickey said the money could be better spent on branding the city and suggested creating welcoming bags for each household to reintroduce residents to the city. He said the city should come up with a marketing plan and then initiate it.