Food on Friday: Y tu mamá tambien


By Julia Westhoff

What will you be doing this Sunday? My ideal Mother’s Day involves long naps and at least two bites of every pie the Upper Crust Bakery has to offer. Other food fantasies (ideal, I think, for most mothers) include:

  • Danish from McClain’s Bakery: These are like crack for me. They melt in the mouth so quickly I could probably finish a half dozen and not even know it.
  • Picnic Baskets from the French Market: Paired with a blanket, a portable easel, and some paint. The feeling of being in France is as close as the Village Shops. Take the thing to Loose Park (or the new park at Meadowbrook in a couple years…), and live it up.
  • A box of chocolates from Andre’s or Christopher Elbow: There is never not a good time to get this gift. Elbow chocolates are available in northeast Johnson County at Foo’s Frozen Custard in Ranchmart.
  • Cinnamon Rolls from Dolce: There are a lot of things I love at Dolce, but nothing more than these. We get them so frequently the girls have taken to calling it “the cinnamon roll store”.
  • A gyro and fries from the Marble Top Café: I think I’ve tried every gyro in the bi-state area, and this is my absolute favorite. A gyro dinner might not be the first thing you think of when you think of Mother’s Day, but maybe you should.
  • A gift card from Season and Square: I’ve been really impressed with this artfully curated little food store in Brookside. Filled with almost nothing you need, but everything you want (in other words, the perfect place for gifts).

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who ever have been, will be, or should be mothers. The world would be lost without you.