Mission plans to hold discussion about backyard chickens, bees after resident inquiries

A happy hen in a coop at Deleware Street Commons in Lawrence, Kan.
The subject of backyard chickens is likely to be on a future Mission City Council agenda.

A couple of recent trends in urban agriculture are likely to be on the agenda for a Mission City Council meeting next month. That discussion, at a minimum, is expected to include backyard chickens and beekeeping.

At a council committee meeting Wednesday night, members were told that a resident had inquired about putting chickens on their property. City Administrator Laura Smith told the council that chickens are now specifically prohibited in Mission. A proposal considered by the council in 2010 would have allowed backyard chickens, with some restrictions, but that ordinance was not adopted, Smith said. “People were against it last time,” she said.

Some of the concerns that were raised five years ago were potential noise, the numbers and proximity to neighbors, Smith said. The proposal did set limits and did not allow roosters, she said.

Councilor Pat Quinn also said he also was approached about bees. Currently, Mission does not have an ordinance prohibiting beekeeping, he said. Smith confirmed that the city does not have a bee prohibition and said she had received a call form someone considering moving to Mission who wanted to know if they could keep bees.

Lots of people living in cities are raising bees and chickens, Quinn noted, and suggested a future council discussion on the topic. Smith said it could be put on a June agenda to discuss the recent trends.

Among area cities, Roeland Park allows backyard chickens. Prairie Village at one point discussed allowing chickens, but did not move forward with it, so they are still banned. Prairie Village did make beekeeping legal earlier this year with some limitations.