Food on Friday: Mom’s rhubarb cake


By Julia Westhoff

In honor of Mother’s Day coming up next week I’m sharing one of my favorite recipes from childhood – my mom’s rhubarb cake — which I now love sharing with our girls.

I love rhubarb and make sure to snatch it up during its short growing season. I found mine last weekend at the Overland Park Farmer’s Market. I turned one bundle into strawberry-rhubarb compote and one I saved for this homey and nostalgic cake.

This is the only recipe I ever make that calls for boxed cake mix (which I found for .79 at Hen House, BTW – how is that even possible?). “Wow, that’s addicting”, said my non-cake eating husband as he took bite after bite. It really is. And so easy. Also, because it’s got fruit, you can eat it for breakfast (that’s a universal rule, right?).

Make some cake for your mom! And yourself ;)

Mom’s Rhubarb Cake
1 box cake mix (white or yellow)
3 cups chopped rhubarb
1 cup sugar
1 cup heavy cream (plus more for serving)

Prepare the cake mix according the package. Pour into a 13 by 9 inch pan. Top with rhubarb, sugar and cream. Bake for just a few minutes longer than the cake mix calls for. Serve with whipped cream.